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1 – I have been asked to provide an update on the deployment of FlowJo Portal on the UoC campus. This system will allow users to manage their own accounts and use the software on up to three different computers. I have been told that the features needed to support larger sites are being developed and we should expect FlowJo portal to be available in the next couple of months. I will provide you with more details about the transition as information becomes available.

2 – The FlowJo site license invoices has been sent out for 2018-2019. As a reminder, FlowJo’s approach to billing is somewhat annoying. FlowJo charges the CAT Facility for the full quarter of every users on its very first day, regardless of the usage of the software. The CAT Facility then recharges all participating groups.

Please let me know if you need to close your account or change your affiliation so that I can make the appropriate modification. You can also contact me if you want a list of all active seats on the FlowJo site license in your group.

Users of FCS Express do not need to worry about this. Quarters where FCS Express was not used will not be charged.

FCS Express 7
De Novo Software has launched an updated version of their analysis software. FCS Express 7 comes with new features and many improvements on the previous version, including:

– New and exciting plots options (gate heat maps, subtraction plots, ..)
– Automatic compensation improvements (NxN plots, better peak detection, Scatter parameter selections)
– Virtual Spectral display for spectral flow cytometry data
– One way ANOVA
– Speed improvements on the already fast V6
– Keyboard shortcuts to swap axes and create data specific gate
– And many more features in the pipeline!

The De Novo Software website has been completely rebuilt as well. The greatest improvement is that each user will now have an account on the website. From that account, you will be able to manage your own license and access any past support ticket. You will also find a large amount of training material, support tools and application examples to help you utilize the software to its fullest.

Current users of FCS Express should go to the site and create their own account if they have not done so already. Our site license is currently moving to the new website platform. Once we are ready, you will receive a site license code that will give you full access to the software.

In the meantime, feel free to download the demo version. And feel free to contact me if you need help getting started.


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