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UChicago Flow YouTube channel is monetized!

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Chronicles of a SRL | 0 comments

The CAT Facility YouTube channel is a mine of flow cytometry tutorials and software training videos. The most popular content was prepared by Laura Johnston in her days as the Associate Scientific Director, and her tutorials bring to the channel ~4500 visits per month. Because of this success, our channel has been monetized as of September 2022.

What we’re talking about is ad revenue that YouTube shares with content creators. The main inconvenience is that you now see a bunch of ads, and I’m hoping it won’t get too annoying to visitors.

At this time, we’re expected to make well above $30 in 2022.

All funds collected are going to ChUG in Cytometry to help propagate helpful discussions about flow!

We’ll be back with more content shortly, including the thrilling conclusion of our compensation series called Compensation II. We’ll discuss AutoComp, a tool developed in 2020 that improves the workflow of compensation.


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