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A free analysis platform that’s actually fun to use!

by | Dec 2, 2022 | Review, Software | 1 comment

For the longest time, I’ve been very reluctant to suggest any freeware for flow data analysis. A lot of these solutions are not supported all that well, or are fairly complicated to use. But I saw a tweet over the Thanksgiving break about an online platform called Now, I don’t know who is behind this project, and if they are located in Florida and the name is a delightful pun. But the platform is actually pretty sweet if you do some flow, but not enough to justify spending big bucks on a dongle or seat on a site license for the major flow analysis softwares.

Here are a few fun features:

  • No subscription! Just get to the website and start analyzing.
  • Compensation is done with AutoSpill! Hurray for keeping ahead of the curve! Makes the platform easier to use too!
  • Lots of analysis tools – including cell cycle, kinetics, and clustering
  • The platform is intuitive and can be learned quickly simply by clicking around.

One thing I don’t know is if the quality of the figures is good enough for publication – mostly because I never have to publish anything. But I’m guessing you can make it work.

The training material on the YouTube channel is not developed all that much at this time, so here’s a quick review.

Site licenses available at the CAT Facility

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  1. Very useful, thank you for providing this info.


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