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ChUG Podcast: Flow Imaging – What’s going on??

by | Mar 13, 2023 | ChUG Podcast, Instruments | 0 comments

The ChUG podcast is back! ChUG is an effort by the main flow core facilities in the Chicago area to promote flow cytometry and our own services, and the podcast is the venue that we use to discuss whatever we find interesting in Flowland. We took a one year break due various reasons, but we’re back with a new episode on Flow Cytometry Imaging.

There has been a number of flow cytometry systems offering imaging capabilities available on the market over the years. The Image Stream MarkII remains the gold standard in my view, but we have seen other platforms such as the FlowSight, and the Cell Stream platform – both derived from the Image Stream. But it would be argued that regardless of how awesome these platforms are, they have seen very little adoption from the research community here at the UoC or elsewhere. Yet recently, ThermoFisher has released the Attune CytPix, an Attune equipped with a camera that captures images of cells flowing through. BD is launching its new mammoth of a sorter called the BD FACSDiscover S8, a spectral flow cytometer with imaging capabilities. And just recently, Cytek has announced the purchase of the flow cytometry division of Diasorin (which owns Luminex), essentially acquiring the Image Stream platform (plus other misfit instruments).

This is the discrepancy we are exploring in this discussion. Why are companies doubling down on imaging technologies on flow instruments when there doesn’t seem to be a demand? Where can these features best serve our research communities. Can we get an Image Stream that sorts cells? And why would we want to use one?

It was a fun meeting with Ryan Duggan, Director Emeritus Pat Simms, and Daniel Vocelle from MSU. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you think imaging would improve your flow data? Should the CAT Facility invest in the technology?


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