Cytometry and Antibody Technology

Antibody Services

Reagent Bank

Pre-purified antibodies, cell lines, and hybridomas are available for purchase. See that list of availabilities below.

Pre-purified antibodies
Rat anti-mouse CD4 GK1.5 IF,IP,W *
Rat anti-mouse CD8 (Lyt 2.2) 2.43.1 FC *
Rat anti-mouse CD8 (Lyt2.2) 3.155 FC *
Rat anti-rat Lyt-2 (anti-CD8) YTS- FC √
Rat anti-mouse Lyt-2 (anti-CD8a) 53-6.72 FC √
Rat anti-mouse Fcγ III/II 2.4G2.1 FC √
Armenian Hamster anti-mouse CD3ε 145-2C11.1 FC, IHC *
Armenian Hamster anti-mouse CD1.1 F7-5C6.4.18 *
Armenian Hamster anti-mouse CD28 PV-1 FC, IP √
Mouse anti-mouse NK1.1 PK136 FC √
Rat anti-mouse Stem cell antigen 1 Sca1 IF, IP
Rat anti-mouse CD19 1D3 IF
Rat anti-mouse CD62L(L-selectin) MEL-14 FC, IHC,IF √
Hamster anti-mouse CTLA4 1B8 FC √
Hamster anti-mouse CTLA4 (anti-CD152) UC10-4F10 FC,IP *
Hamster anti-mouse TCR gamma/delta UC7-13D5 FC *
Rat anti-mouse IL2 receptor alpha PC61-5-3 FC, CD √
Rat anti-mouse Tcell recep. of 2C transg. mice 1B2 FC √
Hamster anti-mouse B7-1 (anti mouse CD80) 16-10A1 FC √
Rat anti-mouse Ly-6G (GR-1) B RB6-8C5 FC √
Anti-mouse phosphorylcholine BH8 IHC
Anti-mouse T15 idiotype AB1-2
Rat anti-mouse F4/80(macrophage) F4/80 FC,W,IF,IP
Rat anti-mouse CD45R/B220 RA3-6B2 FC,IF √
Mouse anti-mouse CD45.1 A20 FC,IF,IP √
Rat anti Thy1.2 AT83A CD *
Rat anti-mouse GPI light chain (glucose-6-phosphate isomerase) 6.121 F156-6B9.7 *
Mouse anti-hepatocyte growth factor receptor 5D5.11.6
Mouse anti-mouse RAF-1 URP26K IP, W, E
Rat anti-mouse IL10r 1B1-3a

Mouse anti-mouse EGF receptor 528 IP, W √
Mouse anti-human CD29, VLA1 TS2/16.2.1 W √
Mouse anti-human Integrin Alpha V subunit L230 IP, IHC,IF,FC √
Mouse anti-mouse H-2d , PC.1 P1.17
Mouse anti-mouse HMG-COA reductase A9
Mouse anti-human CD3 OKT 3 FC
Mouse anti-human CD38 OKT 10 IP, IF
Mouse anti-human CD2 OKT 11 FC, WB
Mouse anti-human CD1a OKT 6 FC, IP, IHC
Mouse anti-human Tcell subsets OKT 5 CD
Mouse anti-human CD8 OKT 8 FC
Mouse anti-human MHC Class I(anti-HLA-ABC) W6/32 WB,IF,FC

Rat anti-mouse IFN γ XMG1.2.20 FC √
Rat anti-mouse IFN γ R46A2
Rat anti-human estrogen receptor alpha H222.2 W,IF,IHC,IP
Rat anti-human estrogen receptor alpha D75 W,IHC,IF
Rat anti-human progesterone receptor KD68 W

Inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase (IMPDH) 1D6-E3 W,IF *

Mouse anti-OVA F2-3.58 *
Mouse anti-GFP F56-6A1.2.3 W *
Mouse anti-mouse cMyc 9E10 W,FC,IF,IHC
Mouse anti- HA 12CA5 W,IP,IF
Mouse anti-GST F50-3D12.2 W *


FC – Flow cytometry, W – Western blot, IHC – Immunohistochemistry, IP-Immunoprecipitation, IF-Immunnofluoresence, CD – Cell Depletion
* MAP testing Exempt √ MAP Negative

Cell line and Hybridoma

Cell Lines
WEHI 231 mouse B cell Lymphoma (Balb/c x NZB)F1
BHK baby Syrian hamster kidney
EL4 mouse (Bl/6) Lymohoma H2b Thy1.2
P815 mouse (DBA/2) mastocytoma (transfection host)
Jurkat human male T lymphocyte (acute T cell leukemia) (transfection host)

Myeloma fusion partners ( Available only as frozen stocks)
mIl6SP2/0 (Spent supernatant containing 3.9 μg/ml mIL6 also available)


All hybridomas are ELISA positive.

Custom Conjugation

The antibody conjugation service is available for biotin/FITC or Alexa dyes kits as well a  for Mass Cytometry

When you don’t have a fluorophore attached to your antibody, it is possible to have it conjugated to a biotin molecule or the FITC fluorophore. This service is frequently used to conjugate antibodies that are present in the hybridoma bank or to specific antibodies that belong to the investigator. Please note, the antibody must not contain sodium azide, and the antibody must be IgG.

We can also use Thermofisher conjugation kits using the collection of Alexa/DyLight and other dyes.

The Fluidigm catalog may not contain the marker that you wish to use. An alternative is to conjugate your Maxpar-ready antibody to the metal tag of your choice using Fluidigm’s metal conjugation kit. The CAT Facility staff can run the protocol for you. Contact us for more information.

Antibody Purification and Production

Antibody Purification

This service is for investigators that have a supernatant that they wish to be purified and/or for investigators that wish to have a specific hybridoma expanded to an agreed upon volume and then purified.

Antibody Production

This service is for investigators that would like to generate a large amount of purified product or a large amount of supernatant. The hybridoma can be grown up to 1+ liters and purified or given to the investigator as a supernatant.