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Learn the latest news about the CAT Facility and tips for learning flow cytometry. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section of each post. The comment section will be moderated for tone and content.

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Chronicles of a SRLInstruments

The New Old AriaIII

The restoration work on the AriaIII is now complete! As I'm writing this, I'm performing the very first experiment this instrument has seen in over five years. It took a lot of effort to get here, and I wanted to share how everything went down, and why we made some...

Chronicles of a SRL

The Silver Lining of 2021

Let's not kid ourselves: 2021 was a challenging year for flow cytometry in the CAT Facility. We started out strong early on with most of our instruments available after a very long lockdown. But several sorter issues badly crippled the service, and a flood put half...

Chronicles of a SRL

Vibration Study Postmortem

Last week, the university conducted a vibration study by dropping 5000lb (2268kg) weights from 15ft (4.6m) in four locations near the CAT Facility Lab. In biology terms, that's like dropping a rhinoceros from the height of a giraffe. Why? No idea. But when life...

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