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Learn the latest news about the CAT Facility and tips for learning flow cytometry. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section of each post. The comment section will be moderated for tone and content.

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Chronicles of a SRL

Why the AriaII had to go

I had a discussion with our users about our cell sorters and the topic of the AriaII came up. It was removed from our roaster in 2022 and I realized I never explained what happened. Long story short, the AriaII was a victim of computer obsolescence. That sorter was...

AnnouncementsChronicles of a SRL

We’re off Twitter!

At some point many years ago, my former boss told me I needed a Twitter account for the CAT Facility. As someone who was happily living outside of the social media sphere, I was a bit annoyed at the prospect. But we did anyway, and used the tool  to announced our...

Chronicles of a SRL

The CAT Facility is hiring

It's incredibly gratifying to see former members of my staff at the CAT Facility succeeding somewhere else in flowland! Laura Johnston is rocking it at Cytek, and now Bert Ladd has been hired as the new managing director of the Loyola Flow Cytometry Core Facility...

AnnouncementsChronicles of a SRL

Hello and Introduction

Hello! I wanted to take some internet bandwidth to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Everett, and I am the Scientific Associate Director for the CAT facility. I received my bachelors from Marquette University, and my doctorate from the University of...

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