Cytometry and Antibody Technology


Here are a number of associations devoted to the development of flow cytometry.

The Chicago User Group in Cytometry (ChUG)

The Chicago User Group (ChUG) in Cytometry is a scientific educational group based in the Chicago Greater area that connects researchers in the cytometry community and facilitates the exchange of knowledge. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and cutting-edge information on cytometry tools, methodology, and applications in order to empower researchers to generate impactful discoveries. ChUG is also home to the ChUG in Cytometry podcast.
Great Lakes International Imaging and Flow Cytometry Association

The Great Lakes International Imaging and Flow Cytometry Association is a scientific organization whose aim is to:

1 – Produce an annual scientific program that provides a forum to explore the avenues by which flow and image cytometry can be used to advance research and diagnostic testing applications.
2 – Foster education and the exchange of information among persons engaged in flow and image cytometry in an environment that encourages participation of professionals at all levels of education and responsibility
3 – Maintain an affordable meeting format to encourage maximum participation and provide exceptional value.
4 – Promote research and development in new applications and technologies for Image Cytometry, Flow Cytometry and Allied disciplines.

Purdue Cytometry Discussion List
You can subscribe to the listserv here. Established in 1989, the list has been continuously available for free access to all scientists. The current membership is approximately 4500 scientists. It’s an excellent venue to reach out to experts in the field of flow cytometry.
Flow Cytometry subreddit
There’s a subreddit on Flow Cytometry! There’s a subreddit on pretty much everything. But the Flow Cytometry one is active, and very useful for flow cytometrists of every level. Ask any flow related questions, or help your fellow scientists!
International Society for Advancement of Cytometry
ISAC‘s mission is to serve a multidisciplinary community by leading technological innovation, scholarship, and the exchange of knowledge in the quantitative cell sciences. It is home to the CYTO Annual meeting, the Cytometry scientific publication, and the CYTO University.