Cytometry and Antibody Technology

Aurora Blue
Aurora Green
Fortessa X20 5-18
Fortessa 4-15
Fortessa 4-15 HTS
Attune NxT 4-14
Accuri C6
LSRII 4-12

Aria Fusion 5-18
AriaIIIu 4-15
AriaII 4-15
MACSQuant Tyto
Image Stream MarkII
MSD Quickplex SQ120
Luminex 200

The nomenclature reflects the instruments as listed in the CAT Facility iLab’s site: Model_# lasers-# detectors

Auxiliary Equipment

Auxiliary equipment is available in the facility complimentarily

Orbital plate shaker
Orbital plate shaker in a 4C cold room
Hand held magnetic bead plate washer
BioTek ELx405 automated magnetic bead plate washer
Vacuum manifold plate washer
Vortemp 56 shaking incubator

Luminex Muse cell counter
Millipore Scepter cell counter

Smart Tube Base Station

Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering Instruments

The CAT Facility manages the flow cytometry equipment located in the PME research space. Non-PME users should book instruments located in the main lab primarily. Access to the William Eckhardt Research center requires proper ID card authorization.

Model: Aurora
Manufacturer: Cytek Biosciences

Spatially separated lasers

– 355nm 20mW
– 405nm 100mW
– 488nm 50mW
– 561nm 50mW
– 640nm 80mW

Plate Loader

Absolute cell count

For more information about the Aurora, please see our resources page

Model : LSR Fortessa
Manufacturer: BD Biosciences

Spatially separated lasers.

– 488nm 100mW
– 405nm 100mW
– 561nm 100mW
– 640nm 100mW
– 355nm (UV) 15mW

Plate loader

Optical configuration: PME Fortessa

The BSLC R022 main lab