Cytometry and Antibody Technology

A Message from the Technical Director


Dear Users,

We have updated the Research Resumption Plan to reflect the guidelines provided by the University of Chicago Leadership as we move to Phase 3 of the process. With the capacity increase to 50%, we are now able to accommodate a users on each of our instruments, with the exception of the Image Stream. We also moved one of the cell sorter in the main area to allow for more sorting experiments to be performed.

Proper PPE and social distancing remains the norm at this point, and we ask everyone to remain vigilant and committed to our lab policies in order to keep our working environment as safe as can be.

I welcome comments and concerns about the way to CAT Facility operates. Feel free to contact the staff, myself or UCAIR.

Best regards,

David Leclerc, Technical Director



Dear Users,

Our Research Resumption Plan has been approved by the Dean’s Office. The plan aims to provide a safe environment for our users and staff alike. It does bring in a number of constraints, especially regarding the number of users that can be allowed in the facility at a time. We are aware of the impact of these limitations on your research projects. Please reach out to the CAT Facility staff at any time if you have any concerns or requests.

My understanding of Phase 2 is that we will be testing various ways of getting research activities underway, and some of our measures might prove to be insufficient. We expect that some of our proposed measures may change if we can find better ways to safely run the facility.

The safety of the users and staff is a priority at this time. If you do not feel safe within the facility or if you observe any problematic situations you can report to the CAT Facility staff, the CAT Technical Director, or directly to UCAIR.

Best regards,

David Leclerc, Technical Director



Dear users,

We are monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic closely and will be updating our facility policies as needed. We will begin a new sorting procedure today:

  1. If you must sort your cells, there will be staff in the facility to operate the sorters.
  2. If your experiment can be rescheduled, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing We will not charge for cancellation. If the staff is not needed in the lab, they will not have to travel to campus.


Please note that we will not sort human samples that have been acquired after March 1st. Discuss any issues with me.


Similarly, we ask that you do not run human samples that have been acquired after March 1st on the benchtop analyzers.


I’ve asked the staff to be very strict on the application of safety related to COVID-19. It is difficult to keep a 6’ distance in our confined space, so here is how we will proceed:


  • As soon as you can, send us a pdf of the way your data should look like and how you want it to be gated.
  • When you arrive in the facility, leave your samples at the door. There will be a cart available for that purpose. The staff will pick it up and set up the instrument for you. You should not approach the operator within 6’.
  • If you can’t provide us with a pdf, or if some adjustments need to be made on the gates, let the operator know. If you need to set the gates yourself, switch places with the operator, keeping 6’ between you two at all times.
  • Once the sort has started, you should get back to your lab.
  • At the end of the sort, your samples will be left back on the cart and you will be notified by email or phone.


Let me know if you have any question or concern.

David Leclerc, Technical Director



Dear users,

We have been informed that all of the core facilities are to remain open until further notice. Having said that, safety of the staff and users remains a primordial priority. Please note the following changes in the way the CAT Facility will be operating until the situation with the COVID-19 virus improves.

  • We will be working on a skeleton crew. Staff that is not needed to operate the cell sorters will be staying home. All of the reservations on the sorters will be honored.
  • Any kind of support normally offered by the CAT Facility should be requested through the hotline. This includes technical support with any instrument, experimental design, data analysis, etc.
  • Training will be limited to classes and will be provided through WebEx sessions. The registration link can be found on our website. Hands-on training will resume at a later date.
  • Hand soap and wipes are available in the main facility. We encourage users to observe the same level of cautiousness as usual, and, as best as possible, include the additional measures related to the COVID-19 virus: social distancing, frequent wash of hands, etc.

These measures are subject to change with new directives from the UoC leadership.

Should non-essential staff be requested to stay home, the CAT Facility will remain accessible and the staff will come in punctually to perform basic maintenance in the facility. However, services such as the assisted cell sorting will not be available.

Feel free to contact me with questions and concerns.

Best regards,

David Leclerc, Technical Director