Cytometry and Antibody Technology

Multiplexing platforms

The CAT Facility offers two different technology for multiplexing needs.

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Model: Quickplex SQ120
Manufacturer: Meso Scale Discovery

MSD uses sandwich assays and electrochemoluminescence to measure the concentration of specific molecules in complex biological samples. Rapid plate processing is done with a cooed CCD scientific grade camera. More information on the technology can be found here.

Plate: 96 wells format available
Number of targets: 1-10

Complimentary analysis software available on the manufacturer’s website.

Model: Luminex 200
Manufacturer: Luminex

The Luminex employs the xMap technology to measure the concentration of various soluble molecules in biofluids. Color-coded beads capture targeted molecules in an assay sandwich are processed through a series of lasers and detectors.

Plate: 96 wells format available

Number of targets: 1-30+

Analysis software: Belysa – available on the Luminex 200 acquisition computer and the Analysis station 3.

Kits available form:
– and more

Kits manufacturers may provide discount when the experiment is performed in the CAT Facility. Contact the flow lab before ordering.