Cytometry and Antibody Technology

Multiplexing platforms

The CAT Facility offers two different technologies for multiplexing needs.

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The Luminex and MSD platforms allow for the detection of single or multiple targets from a low volume sample. Targets from various species include cytokines, chemokine, growth factors, and RNA.

Model: Quickplex SQ120
Manufacturer: Meso Scale Discovery

MSD uses sandwich assays and electrochemoluminescence to measure the concentration of specific molecules in complex biological samples. Rapid plate processing is done with a cooed CCD scientific grade camera. More information on the technology can be found here.

Plate: 96 wells format available
Number of targets: 1-10
High matrix tolerance
High 5-Log+ dynamic range

Kits available
V-Plex: validated preconfigured or custom panel of targets, high lot-to-lot consistency
U-Plex: User designed multiplex assay, using MSD reagents or your own antibodies
R-Plex: Emerging biomarkers
S-Plex: High sensitivity assay that allow the detection of a single target in the low fg/mL range.

More information about the available kits in the MSD webinar hosted by the CAT facility

Complimentary analysis software available on the manufacturer’s website.


Model: Luminex 200
Manufacturer: Luminex

The Luminex employs the xMap technology to measure the concentration of various soluble molecules in biofluids. Color-coded beads capture targeted molecules in an assay sandwich are processed through a series of lasers and detectors.

Plate: 96 wells format available

Number of targets: 1-30+

Analysis software: Belysa – available on the Luminex 200 acquisition computer and the Analysis station 3.

Kits available form:
– and more

The Luminex 200 can also be used for QuantiGene Expression Assay

Kits manufacturers may provide discount when the experiment is performed in the CAT Facility. Contact the flow lab before ordering.

Auxiliary equipment available:
Orbital plate shaker
Orbital plate shaker in a 4C cold room
Hand held magnetic bead plate washer
BioTek ELx405 automated magnetic bead plate washer
Vacuum manifold plate washer
Vortemp 56 shaking incubator