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This page contains tools to assist in panel design for the Aurora spectral cytometer. For a tutorial on panel design theory and tips for optimizing an Aurora panel, see the Panel Design Tutorial resource.

Full Cytek Fluorochrome Selection Guideline

Cytek’s guide to fluorophores on the Aurora – see expected signatures, brightness indexes, spread matrix, etc. Individual components from this pdf are saved below.

Uploaded 07-01-2021

30 Color Spread Matrix with Percentages

How to read this table:  the fluor in the row impacts the one in the column. Areas in bright pink and red is where more attention to panel design is needed. This table was created with CD4 reference controls for all fluorophores. This table assumes all markers are bright and all markers are in the tube.

Uploaded 12-2019

Perpetrators and Victims

An alternative way of looking at the spread matrix. This tool is based on the 30-color spread matrix – it was created by counting either the rows or columns and determining how many boxes contained values above 0%, 30%, or 50%.

Uploaded 12-2019

Stain index

The stain index is used to estimate fluorohore brightness. When designing a panel, make sure that low expressed markers are paired with bright fluorophores for optimal results.

Uploaded 11-10-2021

Fluorophore Equivalence

A quick guide to fluorophores that can be used together in a panel. Fluorophores listed in the same row should not be used in a panel together – the unmixing algorithm will not be able to distinguish them.

Uploaded 03-2020

List of Tandem and Polymer Dyes

A quick guide to tandem and polymer fluorophores. You can also check manufacturer websites to determine if a fluorophore is a tandem dye or a polymer dye.

Uploaded 04-2020

Links to External Resources

Fluorofinder Antibody Search Tool

This search tool looks across multiple manufacturers. It can be useful when trying to determine the fluorophores available for an antibody.

Cytek Spectrum Viewer

This tool can be used to determine the stain index and complexity index for a group of fluorophores. It can also be used to identify the expected signature of a fluorophore.