Cytometry and Antibody Technology




The CAT Facility staff is always happy to provide assistance, wether for help with instrument settings, troubleshooting an instrument or general question on the technology. You can also rely on the staff when you require a more in depth assistance. The Project Management and Drop-off services can be tailored to your needs.

The Antibody services include several feature of the former Fitch Monoclonal Facility such as the antibody purification and amplification, and antibody conjugation. Conjugation kits now includes the Alexa dyes fro ThermoFisher as well and the Fluidigm kits for Mass Cytometry. We also have a list of available pre-purified monoclonal antibodies and hybridoma cell lines available.

The CAT facility also offers two analysis software platforms: FCS Express and FlowJo. You can contact the staff to learn more about these analysis tools.