Virtual Career Advising

UChicagoGRAD career advisors are available for virtual Zoom meetings during Spring Quarter. We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has added complications and uncertainty to your career planning. We are still here for you!


Here are a few ways in which a virtual advising appointment might be helpful:

  • For Your Job Search 
    • Are you currently in the middle of a job search, or are you gearing up to begin one? Are you planning to go on the academic job market this fall? Talk with a career advisor about how you can refine your strategy now that hiring is happening virtually. This includes advice for crafting a strong LinkedIn profile or personal website as digital presence increases in importance. Your advisor can also share strategies for expanding your options in an uncertain job market.
  • For Public Speaking, Interviewing, and Networking Preparation
    • Are you currently teaching virtually? Interviewing for jobs? Preparing for virtual networking conversations? GRADTalk advising helps you enhance your oral communication skills for a variety of professional applications. You can schedule a meeting with a GRADTalk advisor to practice virtual presentations for your classes, committee, lab, or prospective employers. You can also use GRADTalk as a low-stakes way to practice using Zoom and other remote technologies.
  • For Your Written Application Materials
    • Are you satisfied with your CV or resume? Whether you are currently applying for jobs or not, this is a good time to refine written materials such as your CV, resume, or cover letters. In a virtual meeting, you can work on live edits with your UChicagoGRAD career advisor, sharing screens and discussing the documents line by line. Fellowship advisors are also available to work with you on application materials for specific fellowships or grants.
  • For Your Career Exploration
    • Are you trying to decide what type of career makes sense for you? Whether you are completely undecided or just want to explore contingency options in case your current plans are disrupted, UChicagoGRAD career advisors are experienced at helping you work through a process of self-reflection and personal discovery. We are here to listen first, meet you where you are, and offer guidance in navigating the range of available opportunities.

We know this is a challenging time for everyone. Above all, we want you to know that you are not in this alone! As career development professionals, we may not know all the answers, but we are here to discuss challenges and brainstorm strategies for moving forward. To schedule an appointment, log into GRAD Gargoyle and select “Advising Appointments.”

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