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All student stipends will be paid from the Workday system as of Spring Quarter.

You may already be familiar with Workday if you’re an international student; have held an UChicago job, teaching, or research role; or have received a reimbursement recently. This Spring Quarter marks the final step to move all payments for all students into Workday. Please take 2 minutes to be sure you’re ready for this transition:

  1. Login to Workday
  2. Check your primary home address and make sure it’s where you are currently living
  3. Check or enter your direct deposit information to be sure you receive any payments as quickly as possible


Questions and Answers About Spring Quarter Stipends Transitioning to Workday


What is Workday?

You may be familiar with Workday if you’ve ever had a teaching position or research assistantship, if you have held a UChicago job, or you’re an international student. Whether you’re logging into Workday for the first time or just checking in for general knowledge, it’s important you understand where, how, and when to check for your payments.


What, specifically, is changing? 

Fellowship stipends for US citizens and permanent residents are currently paid through the finances portal of their student account in As of Spring Quarter, all stipends for all students will be paid through Workday instead of some stipends being paid through


Why the change?

Consolidating all payments to one system will improve the student experience, reducing confusion on when and where to check on your payments and responding to a key recommendation of the report of the 2019 Committee on Graduate Education to make student payments more predictable and less confusing. As of Spring Quarter 2021, the University will pay all student stipends, wages, awards, prizes, and reimbursements through Workday.


Anything I should do to prepare?

Even if you’ve been using Workday already, we recommend all students login to check their information at least once per quarter. Please take 2 minutes to do this:

  1. Login to Workday online 

Pro tip: Download the new Workday mobile app to do this from your phone

  1. Check your primary home address and make sure it’s where you are currently living.

Pro tip: Select “edit” and “save” to let us know that you checked – that will mean you don’t receive reminders from us!

  1. Check or enter your direct deposit information to get your payments as quickly as possible. If you’re set up for direct deposit, you can plan to have your funds on your payment date.

Will this change the schedule for my payments?

No. If you receive a quarterly fellowship stipend, you can still expect to receive your funding at the start of the quarter as one lump sum. If you receive payments for teaching and research assistantships on the bi-weekly or monthly schedule, you’ll continue to receive these throughout the quarter.


Are there any types of payments that will not be paid in Workday?

Some types of student funding will continue to be paid through the Office of the Bursar, including loan refunds, overpayment refunds, and Emergency Assistance. If you have questions about what type(s) of funding you receive and what system to check, please be in touch to


What if you didn’t answer my question?

Join us for a Student Payments Ask Me Anything (AMA) on February 26 or March 5 to review payment questions with Emily Easton, Director of GRAD Administrative. You can also reach out to


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