Apply for a 2024 FLAS Fellowship!

Are you looking for ways to fund a summer language class? Does your graduate coursework engage deeply with the countries and languages of East Asia and the Middle East? The Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship offers funding to support modern foreign language training with international or area studies. This year, UChicago students can apply to study languages spoken in East Asia (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) or the Middle East (Arabic, Armenian, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish, Uzbek). The UChicago deadline for FLAS is Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

In general, FLAS offers funding for the intermediate or advanced study of a language to U.S. citizens, nationals, and permanent residents.  Eligible recipients can receive tuition for a summer course or academic-year study (or, potentially, both).

While the languages listed above are pre-approved for FLAS, you can also apply to learn less-commonly studied languages from these two funded areas, East Asia and the Middle East. If your target language falls into this category (or if you want to make a case for elementary-level coursework), you are required to contact the appropriate Area Studies Center at least a week before the application is due.

You can learn more about this opportunity (and how to apply) here.

(Want to study languages spoken in other parts of the world? Don’t worry! We recommend that you meet with a fellowships advisor to discuss how you can fund your language studies.)

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