Winter 2019

Winter 2019 issue of the Chicago Journal of History. (Download full issue)

Table of Contents:
Letter from the Editors-in-Chief (Sam Winikow, University of Chicago) (Download)

Burn, Baby, Burn: The Inflammatory Historiography of the Sir George Williams Affair and its Current Rekindling (Phoebe Colby, McGill University) (Download)

The City Upon a Hill: New England as a Catalyst for the English Civil Wars (Boone Ayala, University of Chicago) (Download)

Revealing the Invisible: The Visual Culture of AIDS in the United States (1980-1996) (Max Gruber, Swarthmore College) (Download)

Perceptions of the Monarchy: King George VI and the Abdication Crisis (Jake Harms, University of British Columbia) (Download)

When Terror Took Out the Count: Evaluating Israel’s Response to the Assassination of U.N. Mediator Folke Bernadotte (Hilary Miller, University of Wisconsin-Madison) (Download)

Strategies Without Borders: Transnational Methodologies of Revolution in the Sixties (Necdet Emre Kurultay, University of British Columbia) (Download)

The Lilly Library Ricketts MS 30: A 15th-Century Oddity or Heresy? (Holly Bean, Indiana University) (Download)