PSI By Year

Let us show you the highlights of our yearly activities before you dive into the details

Yearly Highlights


So far this year PSI has expanded its membership, reach, and impact. In partnership with the Offfice of Sustainability and the Green Economics Group, we instituted the Green Labs project, which aims to reduce the environmental and energy footprint of the University’s laboratory research. Partnering with the Office of Career Advancement, our Green Careers Trek project group will help lead a career trek to Boston this spring. 


This year our club grew to include 10 different project groups! We continued with classics such as Community Service, Green Careers Trek, and our Green Speakers Panel.  We established Hyde Park Business Partnerships, expanding our reach into the community surrounding UChicago. We also hosted our inaugural Speaker Series event, enhancing our role as leaders of the campus conversation on sustainability and the environment. 


This year we had eight groups, continuing with many of our classic projects and insitituting new ones such as Food Recovery, RSO Packet, and Green Consulting.

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