Arts of Observation

What does it mean to look closely at our environment? Acts of observation—whether occurring in the open air, the laboratory, or the space of the museum—shape our encounter with the world and the myriad living beings that compose it. Bridging natural history and artistic practice, the objects featured in this section invite us to engage with the non-human world at the scale of a specimen. This shift in perspective not only opens onto a spectacular realm of minute creatures and fantastic forms but also prompts us to consider how practices of attention, modes of technology, and disciplinary frameworks inform how we perceive the environment and our relationship to it.

Artists on Display:

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Bertha Evelyn Jaques, Eli Lotar and Jean PainlevéEmile Gallé, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Glasfabrik Johann Loetz Witwe, and Mark Dion.