Earthly Visions

How do we envision the natural world around us? The ways in which we see, touch, and otherwise sense the earth affects how we understand and share our planet. In this section, artists approach the environment as a natural utopia. Though the concept of “nature” as something separate from the human has rightly been critiqued, these works insist on the natural world’s enduring significance as a source of inspiration, strength, and rejuvenation.

Working across disparate geographies and eras, the artists in this section employ a diverse array of media—from ceramics and textiles to printmaking and painting—to create their own earthly visions. Drawing variously upon artistic tradition, spirituality, and science, these artists present holistic yet idiosyncratic representations of the natural world, offering new perspectives on the planet and our place within a shared ecology.

Artists on Display:

Giovanni Castrucci (Attributed to), Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, Mukul Dey, Sheila Hicks, Minnie Evans, Joseph E. Yoakum, and Ruth Duckworth.