The Workshop on US Locations

Spring 2022 Schedule 

Please see our Spring quarter schedule below. All sessions will be held from 4:30pm-6pm on Wednesdays in Haskell Hall 101 in hybrid format unless otherwise indicated (Zoom info). Please email Zak Arrington (zarrington@uchicago.edu) prior to each session for the paper. If there is anything we can do to facilitate your participation please reach out to Zach Lazarus (zachlaz@uchicago.edu) for assistance.

As a reminder, please visit https://lists.uchicago.edu/web/info/uslocations to sign up for the listserv.

Wednesday, April 6 (Joint session with Semiotics)

Jolen Martinez

PhD Student, Anthropology

“Forged as Info: Cybernetics, Machine Learning, and an ‘Informational Form of Life’”

Discussant: Lily Ye, Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of Comparative Human Development

Wednesday, April 20


Wednesday, May 4

Ali Feser

Harper Schmidt Fellow & Collegiate Associate Professor

“Reproducing Photohemical Life in the Imaging Capital of the World”

Discussant: Rebecca Journey, Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences 

Wednesday, May 18

Winston Berg

PhD Candidate, Political Science

“The QAnon Archipelago: Conspiracy Theorist Institutions’ Role in Knowledge Production”

Discussant: TBA

Wednesday, June 1

Stephanie Palazzo

PhD Candidate, Department of Comparative Human Development

“Decommissioned: Safeguarding the Future after Three Mile Island”

Discussant: Briel Kobak, PhD Candidate, Anthropology