About the Workshop

The Workshop on US Locations (USL) is pleased to engage the “problem-space”* of the United States for ethnographic inquiry. The workshop is a forum for ethnographers and ethnographic experiments examining the US within and outside the boundaries of North America. As such, we invite work from writers who wish to think with us about (1) the domestic and global politics of US imperialism; (2) the interplay of techno-science, capital, and environment, (3) US formations of race, class, and gender; and (4) the cultural and political dimensions of US institutions. 

*“‘problem-spaces’ [are] conceptual-ideological ensembles, discursive formations, or language games that are generative of objects, and therefore of questions” from David Scott’s Refashioning Futures (1999) on pg. 8.

Schedule: Every other Wednesday 4:30-6pm in Haskell Hall 101 and on Zoom (Hybrid)

Coordinators:  Zak Arrington, Zach Lazarus, Hannah Burnett

Faculty Sponsors: E. Summerson Carr (SSA) and Joseph Masco (Anthropology)

Listserv: https://lists.uchicago.edu/web/subscribe/uslocations?previous_action=info