2015-2016 Schedule

Fall 2015 Schedule: 

Tuesday, September 29th:
Introductory Session
How to Write (Yourself and with Others) in America

Tuesday, October 13th:
Christien Tompkins, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: We Are Bridgers: Racial Brokering in New Orleans Education Reform
Discussant: Molly Cunningham, Anthropology

Tuesday, October 27th:
Kaya Williams and Kristen Simmons, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Untitled (The Music Episode)

Tuesday, November 10th:
Cameron Hu, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: Ultimate Reality
Discussant: Sonia Grant, Anthropology

Tuesday, December 1st:
Oli Rodriguez, The Art Institute of Chicago
Title: The Papi Project
Discussants: Ray Noll (Anthro/PoliSci), Carly Bertrand (CHD), Ali Atef (Anthro)

Tuesday, December 8th:
Glenda Carpio, Professor of English and of African and African-American Studies, Harvard University
Title: “Whatever Became of Me?” Comic Fragments of the Immigrant Self
Discussants: Karma Frierson and Kaya Williams (Anthropology)


Winter 2015 Schedule

Tuesday, January 5th:
Monica Miller, Associate Professor of English at Barnard College
Title: Figuring Blackness in a Place Without Race: Sweden, Recently
Discussant: Kai Parker, History

Tuesday, January 19th:
Drea Jenkins, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: The Cozy Kitchen of Culture-Based Education: Lessons from Urban American Indian Title VII Programs
Discussant: Lily  Ye, Comparative Human Development

Tuesday, February 2nd :
Anna Weichselbraun, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: On the International Control of Atomic Energy: A Critical Genealogy of Nuclear Safeguards
Discussant: Lauren Sutherland, Anthropology

Tuesday, February 16th:
Averill Leslie, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: Town Meeting’s Other 364 Days: Mapping the Creative and Reactive Phases of Local Democracy in New England
Discussant: Jay Sosa, Anthropology

Tuesday, March 1st:
Marcel LaFlamme, Rice University, Anthropology
Title: Towards a Plains Biopolitics
Discussant: Kristen Simmons, Anthropology

Tuesday, March 15th:
Andrea Ford, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: Radical Doula, Guerrilla Midwife, and Birth Anarchy: Birth Justice and the “Birthkeeper” Movement
Discussant: Erin Moore, Comparative Human Development


Spring 2016 Schedule

Tuesday, March 29th:
Colin Halverson, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: Introduction to “Individualized: An Ethnography of Translation in a Genomics Clinic”
Discussant: Jenny Hua, Anthropology/Medicine

Tuesday, April 12th:
Jeremy Siegman, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: Engaging Antagonists: The Marketplace as Frontier and Antagonistic Public Sphere
Discussant: Ella Butler, Anthropology

Tuesday, April 26th:
Molly Cunningham, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: Introduction: An Anatomy of a Municipal Restructuring & The Politics of Bankruptcy
Discussant: Talia Gordon, Comparative Human Development

Tuesday, May 10th:
Kaya Williams, University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: Take No Prisoners: The Battle for the Future of New Orleans’ Jail
Discussant: Menna Khalil, Anthropology

Tuesday, May 24th:
Ella Butler, The University of Chicago, Anthropology
Title: Human Instruments
Discussant: Colin Halverson, Anthropology


JUNE 9-10, 2016
US Locations Presents
multi-cited multi/sited multi-sighted
A Reunion/Conference