Revista Væranda

Jessalin Nguyen is a second-year Environmental Science Major (considering a French Language minor) at the University of Chicago. You can often find her baking vegan pastries, acrylic painting, or doing silly karaoke with friends. Jessalin finds fashion very interesting as a form of expression and as an art. She chose Paris Fashion Week for its relevancy in showcasing designers’ artistry as well as the reflection of real-world concerns they have. Many designers in the 2022 Paris Fashion Week chose to use more eco-friendly materials and address topics like deforestation or ocean pollution. Though not French, her favorite designers include Guo Pei and Iris van Herpen because they are widely creative in their unique shapes, fabrics, and geometries. Jessalin believes fashion tells stories, and what is humanity but a collection of stories?

This video was created as part of the final project for French 203: Language, History and Culture, taught by Nicolas Portugal.