Vivienne Wheaton – University of Sydney:

Involved in co-supervision of Master’s thesis titled: Hydrodynamical models and an investigation into radio emission from SN 1987A in the Large Magellanic Cloud

Anibal Medina – University of Chicago

Univ of Chicago Graduate Student. Co-supervised graduate project on Globular Clusters with advisor Jim Truran




Graduate Student Publications:

Anibal Medina: On the Formation of Globular Clusters

Anibal Medina: r-process elements in globular clusters

Vandana Ramakrishnan: From Supernova to Remnant: Tracking the Evolution of the Oldest Known X-ray Supernovae

Vandana Ramakrishnan: X-Ray Luminosity of Decades-old Supernovae

Yerong Xu: Seven Years of SN 2014C: A Multiwavelength Synthesis of an Extraordinary Supernova




At University of Chicago, in the last two decades I have had over 40 students trust me to mentor them. It is important to encourage undergraduate students to join and learn Astronomy.


Undergraduate Student Publications:

Julieta Gruszko: What are published X-ray light curves telling us about young supernova expansion?

Ratuja Reddy: X-ray and radio emission from the luminous supernova 2005kd

Danika Holmes: Investigating the X-ray Emission from some of the Oldest Known X-ray Supernovae

Mathias Ross: SNaX: A Database of Supernova X-Ray Light Curves

Chris Bochenek: X-ray emission from SN 2012ca: A Type Ia-CSM supernova explosion in a dense surrounding medium

Peter Boyajian: Triggered Star Formation inside the Shell of a Wolf-Rayet Bubble as the Origin of the Solar System

Aldo Panfichi: Smoothed Particle Inference Analysis of SNR DEM L71

Wilson Ricks: Excavating the Explosion and Progenitor Properties of Type IIP Supernovae via Modeling of their Optical Light Curves

Jared Siegel: Smoothed particle inference analysis and abundance calculations of DEM L71, and comparison to SN explosion models

Shamaul Dilmohamed: Searching for the Signatures of Presolar Grains in Massive Stars

Jared Siegel: SPI Analysis and Abundance Calculations of W49B   [Chambliss Prize Winner]

Jared Siegel: Elemental Abundances in Supernova Remnant W49B as Clues to Its Progenitor

Wilson Ricks: The Explosion and Progenitor Properties of Type IIP Supernovae Inferred from MESA and STELLA Modeling

Jared Siegel: Analysis of XMM-Newton Observations of Supernova Remnant W49B and Clues to the Progenitor

Alexandra Nisenoff, Mathias Ross: Supernova X-Ray Database (SNaX) Updated to Ensure Long-term Stability 

Jared Siegel: Can the Fe K-alpha Line Reliably Predict Supernova Remnant Progenitors?

Nicholas Earley, Victoria Cirillo: A Long-Term Study of Ultraluminous X-ray Sources in NGC 891

Chris Albert: An exploration of X-ray Supernova remnants in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies



Elisa Gao, UChicago, Class of 2027


Some others whose pictures are missing:

Alice Griffeth – Class of 2012

Ashley Li – Class of 2018

Krishna Mukkavilli – Class of 2018

Priya Lingutla – Class of 2019

Jarvis Lam – Class of 2021

Blake Moss – Class of 2021