International Symposium on Membrane/Protein Interactions

This annual symposium is intended to highlight current knowledge and novel experimental and in silico methodologies in research on cell membranes, with an emphasis on quantitative methods that allow us to understand the dynamic remodeling and organization of cell membranes. This symposium will have dedicated discussion sessions for participants, particularly early career scientists, to deeply engage with presenters on a range of thematic topics.

Image credit: P. Aditya, 2022

While the four classes of biomolecules have been known for decades, the interactions between them have become the focus of attention only recently. In particular, the study of cell membranes and the proteins interacting with cell membranes has been very challenging due to the intrinsic complexities of these molecules. Separately, recent developments in computational and experimental techniques have allowed researchers to directly visualize the remodeling of membranes by proteins.


However, the effectiveness of these techniques can be largely improved through multi-scale approaches, notably via collaborative projects combining both experimental and computational techniques. To develop these multi-scale analytical techniques as well as foster collaboration and scientific discourse, we are establishing the latest in an annual symposium series centered around understanding membrane-protein interactions, to be held at the new University of Chicago International Institute of Research in Paris on 23-25 October, 2024.

Thank you to all of our sponsors, whose contributions make this symposium possible:
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