2011 Spring Quarter Schedule

Greetings! The Visual and Material Perspectives on East Asia Workshop is pleased to announce the Spring schedule of 2011.

April 8, Li Qingquan, professor, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
Talk: The Image of Tomb Masters and the Transformation of Funerary Culture from Tang to Song Dynasty: an Art Historical Perspective

April 15:  Xu Xiwen, associate professor, Southeast University, China
Talk:  Beyond Borders: On the Hanging Scroll Lady Wen-Chi Returning to China at the National Palace Museum of Taipei

April 22: Xu Jin, Ph.D. student, art history department.
Talk: Displaying Filial Piety: Spatial Design of a Sodgian Immigrant Tomb in Sixth-century China

May 5: Susan Huang, assistant professor at Rice University
Talk: True Form Charts and the Daoist Visuality

May 20: Fu Yanghua, associate professor, Remin University
Talk: Trapped Hope: Yang Bu’s Ten-Leaf Album of Yearning Ancient Sages and His Ambivalence

May 27: Irene Backus, Ph.D. candidate, art history department
Talk: Asia Materialized: Perceptions of China in Renaissance Florence

June 3: Quincy Ngan, Ph.D. student, art history department
Talk: The Blue-and-Green Style: a Daoist Iconography?


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