Nov.22 Shao Yunfei

Friday, November 22, 4-6 pm, CWAC 156

This workshop will pre-circulate papers.
Please download the Chinese version of the paper: 邵韵霏_presentation.
This talk will be conducted in English.

Complex Meanings under Two Perspectives:
A Study of a Lacquer Table Excavated from the Tomb of Zhu Ran

Shao Yunfei
Ph.D Student, University of Chicago

This paper is a close examination of a beautifully decorated lacquer table unearthed from the tomb of a general in 3rd Century China. Through iconographic studies, the author argues that the scene is related to a particular kind of ceremony or ritual practiced in the Han Dynasty. The author further explores the possible context and function of this lacquer table, its possible patrons and audience and their taste. As a conclusion, she places this complex design into its historical context and into the context of the tomb, and sees it as a demonstration of the “two tastes” of the people of the Three Kingdoms period.



Friday, November 22, 4-6 p.m.  CWAC 156
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