Content Editing

Why does the spacing on my page look different in the Visual Builder and on the live site?

One of the benefits of the Visual Builder is that it allows you to adjust the spacing on your site by clicking and dragging the borders of rows and sections on your page (to expand or restrict them). However, occasionally the spacing you see while working in the Visual Builder is not what you will see when you save your changes and exit the Visual Builder. It is always good to double check your edits and make sure the live page is reflecting the layout you want. You are always free to make spacing edits in the back end editor as well, by clicking on the row, section, or module in question and selecting Design > Spacing. Always be sure to save any changes you make to your site before switching between the Visual Builder and the back end editor, as unsaved changes will be lost. 

Can I restore a previous version of my site?

Yes, you can restore any previously saved version of the pages on your site. In the back end editor for each page on your site, you will see a section titled Revisions with a timestamped list of each saved version of the page (and the user who saved the edit). In order to restore a previous version of your page, click on the edit in question and then select “Restore This Revision.” While your site will automatically save versions of your page at certain time intervals, the more often you save edits to your page, the more options you will have to restore.

Can I duplicate content across my site?

Yes, in order to create an item that can be shared across your site (e.g. a banner, header, or specific module), you will need to save that item to your Library. You will then be able to “Add from Library” the item you have saved, rather than having to recreate that item on separate pages.

To save an item to you Library, open the section, row, or module item you wish to save, and select Save & Add to Library. You will then be prompted to name your library item and choose whether to “make this a global item”:

Adding a Template Name allows you to identify your Library item for further use, and categories should not be necessary unless you will be using multiple Library items throughout your site.

Saving a Library item as “global” will make all versions of that item on your site mutually responsive. This means that if you change the global item on one page, it will also update on all the other pages on which it appears. If you choose not to make your item global, then each version you add to your site from your Library will be independently customizable. In order to add a Library item to different pages on your site, simply go to your back end editor for the page in question and select “Add from Library.” Learn more about global Library items.

Can I integrate the UChicago calendar (Bedework) into this site?

Bedework may be integrated (with the help of Voices staff) into sites which use the Divi Builder, although it cannot be incorporated into the UChicago Unit Template site. If you would like to integrate Bedework into your site, please contact voices_sites@lists.uchicago.edu. There will be a cost associated with this work. 

Can I include forms on my site?

Yes, Voices offers a plugin called Formidable Forms which allows users to build and imbed forms in Voices sites. To use the Formidable Forms plugin on your site go to Dashboard > Plugins and search “forms.” Activate the Formidable Forms plugin and reload your Dashboard. You should now see a “Formidable” link in your Dashboard Menu. Learn more about building custom forms with the Formidable Forms plugin.

Can I remove the sidebar that appears when I use the search function?

Whether you can remove the sidebar that appears when you use the search function will depend on whether you are using the sidebar in another part of your site (e.g. a blog page). If you are using the sidebar somewhere else on your site, there is unfortunately no way to remove it from the search return page. However, if you are not planning on using the sidebar in your site, then you can remove it from your search return page by editing the Sidebar widget in your Dashboard.

To do so, go to your Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets. You should see a Sidebar widget on the right site of the page, with content such as “Search,” “Recent Posts,” etc. Select each item nested within the Sidebar widget and delete it. When you you have finished, and you test out the search function you should see an empty space where the sidebar previously appeared. Unfortunately, it is not possible to remove this space in it’s entirety.

How do I make changes to the mobile appearance of my site?

There are two ways to approach changing the layout of your site for mobile platforms: changing site-wide mobile settings or changing mobile settings item by item (for specific modules, such as videos, etc.) In order to edit site-wide mobile settings, go to your Dashboard > Divi > Theme Customizer > Mobile Styles. Here you will be able to see how your site appears on mobile devices and to edit section and row height and text size on mobile devices. You will also be able to modify the appearance of your menu on mobile devices.

In order to edit mobile settings within a specific module, go to the Design section of the module. Next to certain settings (such as Custom Padding) you should see a smartphone icon. Clicking on this icon, you will see options to edit that module setting for Desktop, Tablet, or Smartphone platforms. Other settings may require you to alter the original setting before a smartphone icon will appear, offering you the same three options (desktop, tablet, and smartphone) for modifying the settings.

Finally, you have the option to disable certain modules on mobile platforms. Go to the Advanced section of the module in question, and under Visibility, select which platforms you would like the module to be disabled on.

Learn more about Divi Mobile Customizer Settings

Site Structure

Can I add plugins to a Voices site?

UChicago Voices provides the same themes and plugins for anyone using the platform. You may activate any plugins that are available through UChicago Voices. However, Edublogs (the hosting service for Voices) is a closed version of WordPress and not all WordPress plugins will be available.

Can I switch from a theme to a template after I have already begun building my site?

Technically, no. You can always switch between WordPress themes on your site, which will migrate your content. However the templates are custom built within different WordPress themes, and you cannot automatically migrate pre-existing content into a template.

Does Voices include all WordPress themes?

No, Voices is hosted by Edublogs which is a closed version of WordPress. We have narrowed the choices of themes down to a select few. 

Site Users and Domain

How many sites can I have?

There is no set limit on the number of sites you can create with Voices. 

Can I remove the voices.uchicago.edu from my URL?

Technically, no. Voices does offer URL redirects for UChicago Template sites. This means that you will be able to search for your site with a separate URL ([name].uchicago.edu), but when you are on your site you will still see voices.uchicago.edu/[name]. The second and much more limited option is domain mapping (where both [name].uchicago.edu and voices.uchicago.edu/[name] point to the same site and [name].uchicago.edu is preserved throughout the site). Domain mapping is reserved for special circumstances on custom Voices sites. 

To request a redirect or domain mapping, email voices_sites@lists.uchicago.edu

Can people without a CNET ID edit my site?

All Voices users will need a CNET ID. However, guests to the University may be granted a guest CNET ID by CampusPress. 

Can I take the site with me if I leave the University of Chicago?

Voices follows the normal account closure process, meaning that departed staff will lose access to the site when their accounts are terminated.