The University of Chicago’s Ludwig Center for Metastasis Research in the Department of Radiation and Cellular Oncology is seeking Postdoctoral Scholars to join a vibrant lab with a long history of breakthrough translational research. Openings currently exist in research teams seeking to reduce metastasis and improve the anti-tumor action of cancer therapies.

Our current focuses:
Investigating core pathways and mechanisms underlying radiotherapy-induced immune response;
Elucidate the effects of modification of m6A methylation on the anti-tumor action of radiotherapy and immunotherapy;
Developing immuno-nanomedicine approaches that can be employed with radiotherapy.

Additional opportunities to consult and/or participate in the composition and execution of translational research grant applications and design and implementation of clinical trials related to immunology and radiotherapy are also available.

Qualified applicants must possess a doctorate degree. Ideal candidates would possess a strong background in radiation biology or immunology, with experience in tumor immunology, the process of adoptive T-cell transfer, molecular biology, animal models of human cancer, and bioinformatic analysis. The level of the position and compensation are dependent upon qualifications and experience.

Interested candidates should submit curriculum vitae, bibliography, a statement of research interests, and contact information for at least three references to Dr. Weichselbaum, Dept. of Radiation and Cellular Oncology, 5758 S. Maryland Ave, MC9006, Chicago, IL. 60637 or via email to: