About the workshop

The Wittgenstein Workshop aims to foster a variety of forms of interdisciplinary research that take their point of departure from a shared interest in Wittgenstein’s intellectual achievement. The workshop seeks to provide a forum in which the following three activities can be pursued in conjunction with one another: (1) the careful study of Wittgenstein’s contributions to both philosophy and other disciplines, (2) the discussion of current research by graduate students with related interests, and (3) the presentation of work by some of the leading contemporary scholars at work in these areas.

The workshop meets every other Friday afternoon during the regular academic year, for three hours. Every week we have a speaker who gives a presentation. The speaker can be a graduate student, a faculty member of the University or an invited speaker from some other institution. The presentation takes about 60-90 minutes, the rest is discussion.

The speakers indicate some background readings that can help the discussion, and sometimes they also provide the text of their talk for circulation. Part of the material is made available on this website a week in advance, and each talk is advertised through the Wittgenstein Workshop mailing list. The material that cannot be put on the website is circulated through the mailing list. If you would like to joining the list, please contact the student coordinator.


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