Archive 2009-2010

Oct 2
Nat Hansen (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“A slugfest of intuitions: reconsidering the evidence for contextualism”

Oct 9
Lars Hertzberg (Åbo Akademi, Finland)
“Attending to actual sayings of things”

Oct 23
Tom Lockhart (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“Frege’s argument that numbers are objects”

Oct 30
Thomas Land (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“Kantian conceptualism”

Nov 6
Vincent Descombes (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, France, and University of Chicago, Visiting Professor)
“My self, myself, and me”

Nov 20
Jean-Philippe Narboux (Université Bordeaux III, France)
“The externalist strand in Wittgenstein’s ‘On Certainty’ ”

Jan 8
Stefan Giesewetter (Universität Potsdam, Germany, visiting student)
“An inconsistency in Baker and Hacker’s account of the status of Wittgenstein’s remarks on rule-following”

Jan 15
Kristin Boyce (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“The body thinking: philosophy, dance and modernism”

Jan 22
Sebastian Rödl (Universität Basel, Switzerland)
“You and I”

Feb 5
Martin Gustafsson (University of Stockholm)
“Pictures, dreams and conjuring tricks: Augustine and Plato in the Philosophical Investigations

Feb 12
Cato Wittusen (University of Stavanger, Norway)
“Michael Fried, Minimalism, Jeff Wall, and Wittgenstein”

Feb 19
Will Small (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“Basic actions and practical knowledge”

Feb 26
Santiago Mejia (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“Wittgenstein’s Freud”

March 5
Andrea Kern (University of Leipzig, Germany)
“Wittgenstein on thoughtless action”

March 12
Michael Kremer (University of Chicago)
“What is the good of philosophical history?”

March 19
David Finkelstein (University of Chicago)
“The truth in transparency”

April 2
Jason Bridges (University of Chicago)
“Contextualist and anti-contextualist themes in Wittgenstein”
Discussant: Prof. Ben Callard

April 16
Arata Hamawaki (Auburn University)
“Cavell, skepticism, and philosophical illusion”

April 23
Ed Witherspoon (Colgate University)
“Disjunctivism vs. skepticism in the case of McDowell vs. Wright”

Apr 29 (Thursday)
Pirmin Stekeler (Universität Leipzig, Germany)
“Forms of generic knowledge: Wittgenstein’s spade and a ‘new’ metaphysics of the conceptual”

May 3
Matt Boyle (Harvard)
“Additive vs. transformative conceptions of rationality”

May 4
Matt Boyle (Harvard)
“Essentially rational animals”

May 6
Matthias Haase (University of Basel, Switzerland)
“Three ways of apprehending human form”

May 7
Jimmy Doyle (University of Bristol, UK, and Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton)
“On Finkelstein’s account of the distinction between conscious and unconscious mental states”

May 14
Jocelyn Benoist (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, France, and University of Chicago, Visiting Professor)
“A plea for examples: or, why does exemplarity matter to ontology?”

May 28
Avner Baz (Tufts University)
“Must philosophers rely on intuitions?”

June 4
Oskari Kuusela (University of East Anglia, UK)
“Logic and the method of philosophy: Carnap and Wittgenstein”