Archive 2011–2012

October 7
Jane Heal (Cambridge University)
“Social anti-individualism, co-cognitivism, and second person authority”

October 27
Bjørn Ramberg (University of Oslo)
“Expressing subjectivity: constraints on a pragmatist view of the explanatory relations between language and mind”

November 4
Irad Kimhi
“Creation and Being are the same”

November 18
Piergiorgio Donatelli (University of Rome)
“Reshaping ethics after Wittgenstein”

November 18
Stephen Shortt (University of Chicago, grad student)
“Objectivity, anthropocentricity, and aesthetic properties”

Jan 6
Roger Eichorn (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“The elusive third way: the Pyrrhonian illumination in Wittgenstein’s On Certainty

Jan 20
Rachel Goodman (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“What is a singular thought? And, why should we care?”

Feb 3
Eric Marcus (Auburn University)
“Spontaneous causal knowledge”

Feb 17
Matt Boyle (Harvard University)
“Transparent self-knowledge”
(Joint meeting with the German Philosophy Workshop)

Mar 30
Silver Bronzo (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“Frege on multiple analyses and the essential articulatedness of thought”

Apr 13
Kelly Jolley (Auburn University)
“Resolute reading”

Apr 27
Jason Bridges (University of Chicago)
“Rationality and representation”

May 3
Michael Martin (UCL and Berkeley)

May 11
Elisabeth Camp (University of Pennsylvania)
“Concepts and characterizations”

May 25
Amos Browne (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“Rationality and rational abilities”

Jun 1
Nic Koziolek (University of Chicago, graduate student)
“Does sense determine reference?”