Archive 2013-2014


October 4 –Andy Werner (Chicago): McDowell on Animality, Mere and Rational

October 18 – Ed Dain (Providence College): Eliminating Ethics: Wittgenstein, Ethics and the Limits of Sense

November 1 – Cora Diamond (UVA): Wittgenstein, Anscombe, and What Can Only Be True

November 2-3 Linsky Memorial Conference

November 8 – Silver Bronzo (Chicago): Understanding the Context Principle

November 22 – Gilad Nir (Chicago): Rethinking the Logic of Duality

December 6  – Nic Koziolek (Chicago)



January 17 – Martin Gustafsson (Åbo Akademi): Wittgenstein on using language and playing chess: the breakdown of an analogy, and its consequences

January 31 – Matthias Haase (Leipzig): “Power and Habit”

February 13 – Kelly Dean Jolley (Auburn)       [Thursday, 4:30pm]

[Joint session with LitPhilW]

February 14 – No meeting. Friedlander/Benjamin conference

February 21 – No meeting. Kant/Sellars conference

March 14 – Pascal Brixel (Chicago): “Contextualism and the very Idea of a Philosophical Theory”



April 4 – Michael Kremer (Chicago): “A Capacity for Getting Things Right: Gilbert Ryle on Knowledge”

April 18 –Avner Baz (Tufts): “Kant, Wittgenstein, Cavell, and the Sound of Reaching Bedrock”

May 2 – Hans Sluga (Berkeley): ” ‘The world as I found it.’ Timelessness, time, and history in Wittgenstein.”

please note special location: Rosenwald 301

May 16 – Sören Stenlund (Uppsala): “Wittgenstein and Symbolic Mathematics”

May 17 – Sören Stenlund (Uppsala): Mini-Seminar: “The Origin of Symbolic Mathematics and the End of the Science of Quantity”

location and time TBA

May 30 – Amos Browne (Chicago): “Psychologism and Psychology in the Philosophical Investigations.”

June 13 – Paulo Faria (Rio Grande do Sul)- “The Vagaries of Actions and the Verities of Meanings”

please note special time: 12pm-3pm