Friday, January 22: Martijn Wallage, “Saddled with Content: McDowell and the Identity Theory of Truth”

Join us this Friday, January 18, for a workshop with Martijn Wallage (King’s College London) on his paper “Saddled with Content: McDowell and the Identity Theory of Truth.”

The paper can be found here. Martijn Wallage will not read this paper verbatim on Friday, but he will present the most important parts of it, so reading it in advance of the workshop is useful but not required.

As usual, we meet 1:30-4:20pm in Wieboldt 408.

Thursday, October 8: Amos Browne, “Wittgenstein on Reading”

Join us this Thursday, October 8, for a workshop with Amos Browne, who will present his paper “Wittgenstein on Reading.”

Please read the paper in advance; you can download it here. Amos will read most of Parts I and II, and, time permitting, some of Part III, but he would welcome feedback on all of it.

We will meet 4:45-6:45pm in Wieboldt 408.