Winter 2019 American Politics Workshop Schedule

Meets Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 pm in Pick 506 (5828 S. University) unless
otherwise noted*

January 15th: Anthony Fowler,
University of Chicago

“Do Corporations Benefit from Campaign Contributions?”

February 5th: Eric Oliver, University of Chicago

“How to Publish a Journal Article”

February 12th: Alex Fouirnaies,
University of Chicago

“Do Campaign Contributions Buy Favorable Policies?
Evidence from the Insurance Industry”

February 19th: Matt Lacombe, Doctoral Student,
Northwestern University

“The NRA’s Political Weaponization of Gun Owners”

February 26th: Margaret Brower, Doctoral Student,
University of Chicago

“The Politics of Sexual Harassment and Millennial
Evaluations of Politicians by Race and Ethnicity”

March 5th: John Zaller, UCLA*

“Primary Roots of the New Congressional Right: A Study of 34 Republican Open Seat House Nominations in 2013-2014”

*Presentation in SSRC 2nd floor tea room, #201

March 12th: Shu Fu, Doctoral Student,
University of Chicago

“Fighting Against the Bully Pulpit: How Members
of Congress Verbally React to Presidential Appeals”


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