Autumn 2019 American Politics Workshop Schedule

Meets Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 pm in Pick 506 (5828 S. University)

October 15th: Margaret Brower, Doctoral Student,
University of Chicago

“Reframing Women’s Issues: Intersectional Frames & Policy Agendas”

October 29th: Rubén Rodríguez, MA Student, University of Chicago

“A Scale to Measure Social and Economic Conservatism”

November 5th: Sergio Garcia-Rios, Professor, Cornell University


November 12th: Stephanie Ternullo, Doctoral Student, University of Chicago

“When Policies Make Partisans: The Electoral Effects of Social Welfare Policy in the U.S., 1932-2018” (Co-authors Ariel Azar and Maurice Bokanga)

November 19th: Meghan Wilson, Post Doc,
University of Chicago

“Betting on Black: Emergency Management Hedges on the Marginalized”

December 3rd: Mary McGrath, Professor, Northwestern University


December 10th: Kristin Goss, Professor,
Duke University

“Donors for Democracy: If Elites Are the Problem, Can They Be a Solution?”


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