Autumn 2018 American Politics Workshop Schedule

Meets Tuesdays from 3:30-5:00 pm in Pick 407 (5828 S. University) unless
otherwise noted*

October 9th: Professor Nicholas Winter,
University of Virginia

“Ambivalent Sexism and the Election 2016”

October 16th: Calvin TerBeek, Doctoral Student,
University of Chicago

“The Constitution as Political Program: The Republican Party and Originalism, 1977-1988”

October 23rd: Meg Savel, Doctoral Student,
University of Chicago

“Marriage, Children, and Gender: The Effects of Candidate Social Identities on Vote Choice”

October 30th: Francisco Pedraza,
University of California-Riverside

“Cautious Citizenship”

November 13th: Daniel J. Galvin,
Northwestern University

“From Labor Law to Employment Law: The Changing Politics of Workers’ Rights”

November 27th: Christina Wolbrecht,
University of Notre Dame

“The Resistance as Role Model: Disillusionment and Protest Among American Adolescents after 2016”

December 4th: Christian Davenport,
University of Michigan*

“Derationalizing State Repression”

*Joint With the Comparative Politics Workshop; presentation in SSRC 2nd floor tea room

December 11th: Matt Fowler, University of Chicago postdoc

“Measuring Group Consciousness: Linked Fate, Whiteness, and Ideology”


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