The Ancient Societies Workshop (ASW) at the University of Chicago provides a key bridge between numerous departments on campus whose faculty and graduate members seek to understand the complexities of the ancient world through myriad evidentiary categories: art, artifacts, literature, inscriptions, coins, cuneiform tablets, and papyri. Throughout its history, ASW has been a consistently well-attended outlet for scholars in diverse fields and its inherent goal—providing a platform for interdisciplinary engagement—makes it a rich site of intellectual and professional development, especially for graduate students.

While there is no set theme for the Ancient Societies Workshop in 2022-2023, our hope is to be a space for scholars at the University, as well as Chicago and the broader Midwest, to come together and share work after so much time away.

For more information on the Council on Advanced Studies and the graduate workshop system, please visit http://grad.uchicago.edu/academic_resources/council_on_advanced_studies/.

For any questions or comments, please contact the student coordinator, Nathan Katkin, at nkatkin@uchicago.edu.