BIP Lab Math Videos

The BIP Lab has designed a series of videos to help support parent engagement in math activities!

BIP Lab Video

Learn how we use behavioral tools to leverage parent's investments in children's success.

Show Up To Grow Up

In June 2017 the BIP Lab finished the third round of text message-based preschool attendance project funded by the Joyce Foundation.

PACT more than doubles the time parents spend reading to children.

The BIP Lab's signature study (PACT) demonstrates the power of behavioral science on parenting interventions.

Math for Parents and Children Together

Partnership with over 15 preschools, MPACT work began in the Fall of 2017 and will continue through 2019.

Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab: Understanding the Science of Parent Decision-Making

What We Do

DESIGN interventions for parents that can be implemented at a very low cost by service providers.
USE behavioral tools to change parental behavior in ways that parents themselves want to change their behavior.
TEST interventions using field experiments (RCTs) in primarily low income populations.

Why Parents

Parent engagement varies greatly by parental advantage.
Parents are the single greatest influence on children.
Parent engagement matters for children’s outcomes.