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Join Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary research lab and are always looking for scientists of diverse training, backgrounds, and career stages to join us! All are encouraged to apply. Of note, Cambrian has a long track record of mentoring students from underrepresented backgrounds in science. Please write to:

cambrian at uchicago dot edu

for information about open positions and to express interest. Thank you!

Contribute in Other Ways

Science does not exist on an island and is deeply integrated into the fabric of society. Successful science and scientists arise from the grassroots efforts of families and early educators to political leaders who help make policy decisions to fund research. Thus, we encourage supporting science broadly throughout society. For information about ways to contribute specifically to the mission of Cambrian’s Lab, please contact Cambrian at:

cambrian at uchicago dot edu

Contributions can come directly to Cambrian’s lab, to the digestive disease and inflammatory bowel disease research center at UChicago, to UChicago research in general, or to broader policy and advocacy programs.