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Do you need a few hundred compute cores for just a few hours? Need to build a web site that can withstand natural disasters? Find a place for your course to work on node.js coding? Host a Drupal site? UChicago Cloud Services can help!


Using Microsoft Azure at UChicago

IT Services is working with University Procurement, Microsoft and a reseller to make Azure accounts available in Buysite, the University's online procurement system. In the meantime, faculty and staff at the University can get Microsoft Azure accounts by issuing an...

Why you should use AWS @ UChicago

Amazon Web Services are available to faculty and staff at the University through an agreement with DLT Solutions that is part of the Internet2 Net+ program. There are several advantages to having your AWS account through this arrangement: Contractual provisions that...

Jupyter notebooks for UChicago on Azure

What if you could write text, display graphics, and interactively edit and run code all within the same document? That's exactly what Jupyter notebooks provide. Jupyter notebooks are ideal for bringing together descriptive analysis, results, and code that can be...

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Amazon announces new Ohio region for AWS

Amazon has announced availability of the new US East (Ohio) Region. Ohio brings the total number of AWS regions in North America to five. The new Ohio Region is currently available for multiple services, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon...

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Azure introduces Temporal Tables for SQL Database

Microsoft has announced the availability of Temporal Tables in the Azure SQL Database. Temporal Tables track the full history of data changes in tables without the need for custom coding. Temporal Tables can be used to support data auditing in applications, analyze...

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Cloud Questions

Why should I use UChicago Cloud Services?


The services available through UChicago Cloud Services have gone through extensive review and negotiation by the University, and usually offer better legal and contractual terms than individuals can get directly through the provider. In addition the services available under these agreements may have better pricing than is offered to individuals. See the descriptions of the individual services for details.

What if I already have an account established with a provider?

Sometimes it is possible to bring existing accounts under the University’s agreements. In other cases it may be possible to move content from an existing account to a University account. See the individual service descriptions or submit a question to itservices@uchicago.edu for details.

Are these all of the cloud services available at the University?


There is a growing list of services provided through cloud providers. The services represented on this site primarily represent Infrastructure as a Service or Platform as a Service offerings. There are many Software as a Service selections available, including UChicago Google Apps and UChicago Box.

I'm interested in a service I don't see here - can you offer that?
It never hurts to ask! Drop a note to itservices@uchicago.edu and let us know what you’re looking for. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to offer it at a University level, but maybe it will be something that we should look into – or know of alternative arrangements that can be made.