Forum on Teaching in the Core

Campus Resources

A range of offices, centers, and programs at the University offer resources and services relevant to teaching and learning in the Core. Some are important sources of support for students, while others provide opportunities to enhance and develop faculty and instructor teaching. While not exhaustive, see below for information on campus resources that are particularly relevant to teaching in the Core. We will continue to add to this list as more entries become available.

Academic Technology Solutions

Academic Technology Solutions’ support includes instructional designers available to assist with your implementation of blended and hybrid teaching. We can help you with projects big and small, including redesigning your course or using Canvas, Panopto, Zoom and other digital tools effectively. Visit our Virtual Office Hours (VOH) for help with using technology for teaching and learning. You can find the Zoom link and the most up-to-date schedule of our VOH as well as workshops on theATS Workshop Schedule. To learn more or request a consultation, visit our Instructional Design page. For assistance with using classroom audio-visual equipment, contact our AV Services group.

Center for College Student Success

The Center for College Student Success (CCSS) provides support for First-Generation, Lower-Income, and Immigrant (including Undocumented) – also known as FLI – students in the College. CCSS staff are available to consult with faculty and instructors on specific resources (including the FLI Network and support for undocumented students) and we also encourage instructors to make direct referrals to the services on our website. For more details on what CCSS provides, consult this overview and watch this brief video:


Chicago Center for Teaching

The Chicago Center for Teaching (CCT) advances quality teaching at UChicago by offering a curriculum of pedagogical seminars and workshops, by fostering evidence-based practices in our collaborations with departments, programs, divisions, and schools, and by working one-on-one with instructors. Our services and programs are available to anyone teaching at the University. For more information, watch this brief video.

Chicago Studies

Chicago Studies offers curricular and co-curricular opportunities to discover, study, and engage with the diverse communities of our world-class city. Working with campus- and city-wide partners, we support the College community in encountering and learning with Chicagoans from all walks of life. Chicago Studies can help faculty and course instructors integrate Chicago content and experiences into all aspects of their teaching and mentorship of students. We offer one-on-one course design and experiential pedagogy consultation, financial and logistical resources for in-person and virtual experiential learning, assistance identifying relevant Chicago content, archives, and datasets, and course-aligned, para-curricular programming focused on Chicago.  Visit our website or contact Chris Skrable for more information.

College Academic Advising Office

Academic Advisers in the College work with students throughout all four years of their education, provide guidance on their curricular plans, and connect them to relevant resources on campus. Faculty and instructors are encouraged to reach out to a student’s Academic Adviser should they have any questions or concerns. For more information, consult this brief overview of the office, this description of key College policies, and this brief video:

College Center for Research and Fellowships

The College Center for Research and Fellowships (CCRF) supports undergraduate students in the College as they pursue academic excellence through scholarly undergraduate research and nationally competitive fellowships. CCRF promotes meaningful connections between faculty and students, encourages mentorship through funding for faculty-mentored research, provides high-impact advising, and educates the University community about opportunities for College students across all disciplines.

Inclusive Pedagogy Website

Developed with the assistance of UChicago instructors and students, in partnership with the Office of the Provost and the Chicago Center for Teaching, this inclusive pedagogy website provides a resource for academics to improve skills in inclusive teaching. For questions and further information, feel free to contact Cheryl Richardson at

Smart Museum of Art

The Feitler Center for Academic Inquiry at the Smart Museum of Art facilitates faculty and instructors from across the University in using the Museum as a resource for teaching. The Center is available to support virtual or in-person teaching with the Smart Museum’s collections and exhibitions.

Student Disability Services

Student Disability Services (SDS), among other functions, determines whether or not a student qualifies for a disability accommodation  and provides written notification of the accommodation. SDS also provides resources on disability and access issues for teaching and learning, including an accessibility checklist for courses.

UChicago Student Wellness

UChicago Student Wellness provides students access to coordinated and comprehensive medical care, counseling, psychiatry, and health promotion services targeted at building and maintaining overall well-being. Faculty and instructors may be particularly interested in how the office provides student mental health services. For more information and guidance on supporting student mental health, click here.

The University of Chicago Library

The Library provides many services to support College teaching. Within Canvas, the Library offers access to instructional materials including online course reserves, help guides, and instructional videos and modules. Librarians can teach students effective research skills, designing programs in consultation with College instructors to support specific assignments or course goals. Instruction can be provided asynchronously, or live online during your class session. UChicago librarians can also provide examples of research assignments or class projects that make effective use of the Library’s digital collections—even rare books and archives from our Special Collections Research Center. For more information, visit the Library’s Teaching and Learning website.

Visual Resources Center

The Visual Resources Center creates high-quality images and provides an array of services and resources for instructors and students in Art History and the Humanities. The VRC manages LUNA—the main database for art images used for teaching at UChicago—and maintains several collections of art images for teaching and research. While the VRC officially serves the Humanities Division, they may have capacity to take on requests from the Social Sciences. VRC staff are taking requests to source digital images for teaching while our on-campus digitization lab is currently closed. To reach Bridget Madden and Allie Scholten, VRC staff, please write to For more information, see this flyer and watch this brief video


This multi-part public artwork, created by the feminist, new media artist Jenny Holzer, engages directly with the college Core curriculum, and will be on UChicago’s campus this fall. Please use your CNetID to access a brief introduction to the project and an overview of the curricular materials currently in development. Due to image rights restrictions, these materials are limited to educational use.