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A selection of health news from the University of Chicago and around the globe curated just for you.

UChicago researchers broaden impact by bringing scientific discoveries to market
Taking biomedical discoveries from bench to startup to bedside. Cover story for the Fall 2018 issue of Medicine on the Midway alumni magazine. (The Forefront)

Neuroscientist receives $2.32 million grant to study the role of the microbiome in Alzheimer’s disease
UChicago’s Sangram Sisodia has received a grant for $2,322,876 over three years from philanthropic foundation Good Ventures to support research on Alzheimer’s disease. (The Forefront)

To battle cancer, first understand the immune system
For years, cancer treatment has largely involved one of three options—surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. In recent years, immunotherapy has entered the playing field. Tom Gajewski featured. (Science Friday)

Immigrating to the US? Get ready for a new microbiome
Moving to the U.S. can seriously mess with immigrants’ microbiomes, according to a new study that tracked the digestive health of refugees coming to Minnesota from Southeast Asia. (NPR)

How to make software algorithms for health care fair and equal for everyone
Machine-learning algorithms help organizations analyze large amounts of data to improve decision-making. But, what happens when the data being analyzed reflects historical bias against vulnerable populations? UChicago’s Marshall Chin is working to ensure equity across all areas of the healthcare system, including data analysis. (The Forefront)