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Can plasma from patients who survived coronavirus help treat COVID-19 patients?
Clinical trials at UChicago Medicine are about to find out. (Chicago Tribune)

Did a UChicago researcher discover the first coronavirus?
In 1965, Dorothy Hamre took up the challenge to study students with colds and identified a new kind of virus. (Forbes)

A mutant enzyme that might solve a recycling crisis
Discovered in a compost heap, this enzyme can reduce bottles to chemical building blocks in a matter of hours. (The Guardian)

Do early solid foods predispose babies to be overweight?
Research from Johns Hopkins suggests changes in the microbiome in infancy can affect babies over a lifetime. (Futurity)

The breast is best, perhaps especially for preemies.
A study in newborn mice shows a component of breast milk may help protect premature babies from developing sepsis. (Futurity)