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Local EMT likely the world’s first double lung transplant recipient to survive COVID-19 via convalescent plasma. It was likely the only option to beat the disease for this young cystic fibrosis survivor, who received both the transplant and the plasma at UChicago Medicine. (Chicago Tribune)

UChicago will help with an experimental national vaccine trial for COVID-19. The study, spearheaded locally by the University of Illinois at Chicago, aims to test at least 1,000 people here. (Chicago Sun-Times)

The US is making progress on a universal flu vaccine. COVID-19 raises the stakes for fighting another infectious viral respiratory disease. (Axios)

Immune cells and noncancerous neurons can drive the growth of brain tumors in neurofibromatosis. Targeting those immune cells can help slow tumor growth. (Futurity)

Certain bacteria in the human gut may be driving a common liver disease. Researchers discovered the strain while studying a Chinese man who became intoxicated—without drinking—after eating high-carbohydrate meals, a condition they call “autobrewery syndrome.” (Science)