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Do plants hold a key for understanding our own immune systems? Researchers identify plant genes that select which microbes get to live inside leaves, safeguarding plant health. (Futurity)

Historical studies of infants’ poop suggest their microbiomes are more malleable than adults’. Research suggests probiotics may have the power to improve the health of those under two years. (The Scientist)

Are worldwide increases in inflammatory bowel disease worldwide caused by mothers passing on their microbiomes to their children? Researchers are finding gut microbiota alterations in IBD moms persists during pregnancy and are reflected in the microbiota of their infants’ stool, potentially changing their adaptive immune systems. (Gut Microbiota for Health)

Researchers are identifying some factors to predict who becomes sickest with COVID-19 infections. High levels of cytokine alpha interferon and inflammasome activation increase severity, but high levels of cytokine “growth factors” is a positive sign. (MedicalXpress)

Do those with IBD have more reason to worry about COVID-19? Data so far suggest not. UChicago’s David Rubin, MD, suggests IBD patients on immunosuppressants continue their medications but maintain a social distance regimen. (Health Central)