Digital Humanities Forum

A forum on the past, present, and future of digital humanities research at the University of Chicago and around the world.

Our Next Forum

March1, 12-2pm: DIGS Classroom 005, 5720 S Woodlawn


Miller Prosser, Director of Online Publications, Forum for Digital Culture


Infinitely Recombinant Multimodal Digital Publications: A Graph Database Approach to Digital Text Editing with OCHRE


As digital text editors, we ask only for a computational text editing platform that models all writing systems and all languages; allows for editorial observations at the grapheme, word, phrase, and text level; integrates textual, image, audio, video, spatial, and temporal data; compares manuscript editions of works; supports the implementation of well-known metadata schemas while allowing for customization where necessary; and allows for complex querying. It is no wonder that a comprehensive computational text editing platform has been something of a white whale. This talk provides an overview of practical approaches to complex digital text editing tasks being developed at the Forum for Digital Culture using the OCHRE platform. 

If you need any assistance to participate in the Forum, please contact Carmen Caswell (

Digital China: Big Tech and the State

Join the Stigler Center for a conversation with Ling Chen (Johns Hopkins University) and Matt Sheehan (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace), moderated by Lingling Wei (The Wall Street Journal).

RCC Series: Dynamic and Interactive Plotting in Python

Plotting data in Python can be a beautiful, interactive experience! Modern plots include hover points, or info boxes that provide the user with a deeper understanding of the plots and the data behind them. We can also use Python to animate our results to show trends over time. This workshop will focus on libraries such as Bokeh to build colorful, dramatic graphical displays of your data.

Digital Technologies for Humanists

Join faculty, students, and University staff in discussing the tools and support resources for scholars working at the nexus of the humanities, the social sciences, and technology, as well as presentations from current projects.