Workshop on Education Lecture Series – Winter 2016

Jan 12 – Ronald Ferguson, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Title: The Influence of Teaching on Student Agency

Jan 19 – Robert Roeser, Professor of Psychology and Human Development, Portland State University

Jan 26 – Juanna Joensen, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Title: Spillovers in Educational Choice

Feb 2 – Michael Dinerstein, Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

Feb 9 – Elaine Allensworth, Lewis-Sebring Director, University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research

Feb 16 – Philip Oreopoulus, Professor of Economics, University of Toronto

Feb 23 – Chris Rozek, Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago

Mar 1 – Andrea Jenkins, PhD Student, University of Chicago

Mar 8 – Jennifer Delaney, Visiting Associate Professor, University of Chicago (Associate Professor, UIUC)

Workshop on Education Lecture Series – Fall 2015

1200 noon until 120 pm

Albert Pick Hall, Room 016

Oct 6

Karthik Muralidharan, Associate Professor of Economics, University of California at San Diego

Title: Double for Nothing? Experimental Evidence on the Impact of an Unconditional Teacher Salary Increase on Student Performance in Indonesia

Oct 13 Sebastian Gallegos, PhD Student, Harris SchoolTitle: Rescuing Low Income, High Ability Students
Oct 20 Sara Heller, Assistant Professor, University of PennsylvaniaTitle: The Heterogeneous Effects of Summer Jobs: Evidence from Two Field Experiments
Oct 27 Anna Shusterman, Associate Professor of Psychology, Wesleyan University
Christopher Walters,  Assistant Professor, University of  California at BerkeleyTitle: Leveraging Lotteries for School Value-added: Testing and Estimation
Nov 10 Lauren Sartain, Research Analyst, Consortium on Chicago School Research, Marisa de la Torre, Associate Director for Professional Development, Consortium on Chicago School Research, and Lisa Barrow, Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
Title: Improving Access to High-Quality Schools for Distadvantaged Youth: Selective High Schools in Chicago
Nov 17 Phillip Oreopoulus, Professor of Economics and Public Policy, University of Toronto
Dec 1 Marshall Jean, IES Fellow, Department of Sociology
Title: Tracking and the Development of Learning Behaviors in High Schools


Workshop on Education Lecture Series – Winter Quarter 2015

1200 noon until 120 pm
Harold Leonard Stuart Hall, 5835 South Greenwood Avenue
Room STU 104

Winter Quarter 2015

Jan 13
Russell Bittman, Graduate Student and IES Fellow

Jan 20
Derek Neal, Professor, Department of Economics and Committee on Education, University of Chicago
Title: Let Me Know What You Think

Jan 27
Camille Farrington, Joshua Klugman and Shanette Porter, University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR)

Title: Measuring Noncognitive Factors in Context: Within Student Differences across Classrooms

Feb 3
Brent Hickman and John List, University of Chicago

Feb 10
Gwendelyn Rivera, Mount Saint Mary’s College and Margaret Beale-Spencer, University of Chicago CHD

Feb 17
David Landy, Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Feb 24
Brian Jacob, Professor of Education Policy, University of Michigan

Mar 3
Jonah Rockoff, Associate Professor of Finance and Economics, Columbia Business School

Mar 10
Sarah Komisarow, Graduate Student and IES Fellow

Workshop on Education Lecture Series – Fall 2014

1200 noon until 120 pm
Saieh Hall for Economics, 5757 South University Avenue
Room 021

Fall Quarter 2014

Oct 7
Nancy Jordan, Professor, School of Education, University of Delaware
Title: Developing Number Sense in Children at Risk for Learning Disabilities in Mathematics

Oct 14
Erika Hoff, Professor of Psychology, Florida Atlantic University
Title: Bilingual Environments and Bilingual Development: Studies of Children in South Florida

Oct 21
Jamaal Matthews, Assistant Professor of Education and Developmental Psychology, Montclair State University
Title: The Multiple Faces of Identity: Understanding Adolescent Identity Formation within the Urban Ed Context 

Oct 28
Mark McDaniel, Professor of Psychology, Washington University at St. Louis
Title: Making Learning Stock: Evidence-Based Techniques to Improve Student Learning

Nov 4
Ian Fillmore, Graduate Student and IES Fellow, Department of Economics, University of Chicago
Title: The Effects of Price Discrimination in the College Market

Nov 11
Amy Claessens, Assistant Professor, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

Nov 18
Brent Hickman, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Chicago

Dec 2
Jens Ludwig, McCormick Foundation Professor of Social Service Administration, Law, and Public Policy, School of Social Service Administration and Harris School of Public Policy; Director, University of Chicago Crime Lab, and Co-Director, University of Chicago Urban Education Lab.

Dec 9
James Kemple, Professor, Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, New York University

Workshop on Education Lecture Series Schedule

The University of Chicago – Committee on Education
  Spring 2013 Lecture Series Schedule
1200 noon until 120 pm
Stuart Hall – STU Room 104 

SPRING Quarter 2013

Apr 2
Laurence Steinberg, Distinguished University Professor, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Temple University
The Center for Human Potential and Public Policy and the Committee on Education will co-sponsor this event

Apr 9
Stacy Ehrlich, Senior Research Analyst and Sanja Jagesic, Chicago Consortium on School Research
Title: Absenteeism Among Preschool Students in the Chicago Public Schools? A Study of its Causes and Consequences

Apr 16
Li Cai, Associate Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
Title: Hierarchical Item Factor Models with Alternative Latent Variable Distributional Assumptions

Apr 23
Adam Gamoran, Department of Education Policy Studies and Sociology, University of Wisconsin
Title: Causal Effects of Social Capital on Child Outcomes
The Committee on Education and the Department of Comparative Human Development will co-sponsor this event

Apr 30
Parag Pathak, Professor of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Title: Explaining Charter School Effectiveness

May 7

May 14
Susan Dynarski, Professor of Education, Public Policy and Economics, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, School of Education and Department of Economics, University of Michigan
Title: Stand and Deliver: Lottery-Based Estimates of the Effect of Charter Schools on College Preparation, Entry and Choice
The Center for Human Potential and Public Policy,  the Committee on Education and the Urban Network will co-sponsor this event.  The event will be held in Harris Room 140C

May 21
Robert J. Beck, Visiting Professor of Education, Lawrence University
Title: Improving 5-year-Old’s Narrative Recall and Comprehension

May 28
Rachel Levenstein, Senior Manager for Survey Research, Chicago Consortium on School Research
Title: Becoming Effective Learners: A Pilot Survey to Examine Noncognitive Factors for Student Learning

Jun 4
Charles Vanover, University of South Florida and Jennifer Jean Smith, University of Michigan
Title: What Does it Mean to Work in a System that Fails You and Your Kids?  A Beginning Teacher’s Journey through the Chicago Public Schools







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