We are an interdisciplinary cluster designed to integrate students working on themes relating to the environment in the social sciences, humanities, policy, and scientific fields. We offer participants a platform for the peer review of works-in-progress. Join us to present your ideas, offer critical feedback, and reconsider original published articles of current interest.  We focus on local, regional, and global environmental and planetary systems as they relate to human history, political economy, colonization, the built environment, and anthropogenic activity.  

To present at the workshop, submit an abstract by emailing acoombs@uchicago.edu. We welcome original papers, chapters, films, works of art, and exhibits by students and faculty at The University of Chicago or by visiting scholars. Our workshop is broadly inclusive in terms of periodicity, discipline, methodology, and geography.  To attend the workshop, register for our mailing list to get updates on location and events. All are welcome.