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Cortical and Biomechanical Control of Orofacial Sensorimotor Behavior

At the intersection of neuroscience and biomechanics


Our Research

Nothing happens until something moves, as Albert Einstein once said. And as I watch the graceful leap of a ballerina, the amazing finger coordination of a concert pianist, the great precision in timing and force of a tennis player, I often wonder why we move the way we move. It is the experience of this mystery that has motivated me to study the neuronal basis of sensorimotor control. And after all these years, I am ever more astonished to realize that these highly coordinated and skilled motions are a consequence of efficient “networking” among populations of cortical neurons.

Over many decades, the study of sensorimotor control of human behavior has been approached at different levels, e.g., biomechanics , neurophysiology, and computational modeling. Although each of these levels has provided unique contributions, the challenge remains to find a unifying elements for the proposed notions and theories, observed behavior, and the neurophysiology of the sensorimotor system.


-Fritzie Arce-McShane, PhD

Recent News

June 2021

JD has succesfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congrats, Dr.Laurence-Chasen!

Congrats to Emma for graduating! Good luck at Tulane University.

April 2020

Congrats to Eric for getting into med school! Good luck at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

December 2020

Yihan joined as a Research Specialist

Congrats to Derrick for winning the Society for Neuroscience 2020 Trainee Development Award!

November 2020

Fritzie spoke about our new research initiative in an interview with UChicago Medicine!

Antony joined as a Research Assistant

September 2020

Do you have a background in MatLab or Python and an interest in our research? Apply to be a Postdoc here!

Larry joined as a Research Specialist

New R01 grant award from National Institute of Aging to study oral neuromechanisms in healthy aging and in Alzheimer’s Disease!

August 2020

Wondering how your brain works when you bite a piece off an apple or cake? Check out our new pre-print!

Derrick will continue working as a Research Specialist

July 2020

JD’s paper documenting a high-throughput method of processing XROMM data was published online!

June 2020

Eric joined as a research assistant

Derrick and Madison graduated

April 2020

JD’s methods paper ‘Integrating XMALab and DeepLabCut for high-throughput XROMM’ has been accepted for publication!