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Year   Title  
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of $22 Trillion In Debt, by Harald Uhlig, Opinion Contributor at The Hill,” Harald Uhlig, University of Chicago, February 26, 2019
External and Public Debt Crisis: Discussion, 2015,” Harald Uhlig, University of Chicago and NBER, September 10, 2015
Greece”s Options: An Interview with Harald Uhlig,” The Gate, University of Chicago, James Gao – Interviews, April 30, 2015
Four Types of Ignorance: Discussion,” Journal of Monetary Economics, 2015, pp. 114-120. [PDF]
The Big Question: Is slow growth the new normal?,” Erik Hurst, Anil Kashyap, and Harald Uhlig discuss whether the US and other industrialized economies can return to their pre-crisis growth rates. [VIDEO]
2013 Exiting the Eurozone Crisis,” a presentation given at the Advantage Financial Conference in Milan, Monday, May 13, 2013. [PDF] [SLIDES]
2013 Interview with Harald Uhlig,” with István Kónya and Katalin Szilágyi, MNB Bulletin, Maygar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary), Vol. 8, January 2013, pp. 62-67. [PDF]
2012 Unraveling the Mysteries of Money,” with John Cochrane; a September 2012 Morningstar Conversation interview by Gideon Magnus, discussing What is Money?, fiscal theory of the Price Level, the European debt crisis, and more. [PDF] [VIDEO]
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