Welcome to the Honesty, Opportunity, Prosociality, & Ethics (HOPE) Lab!

We are a group of researchers who study ethical decision-making, broadly defined. Our work focuses primarily on honesty, opportunity, and prosociality as well as how people navigate ethical dilemmas that involve these values. Learn more about our research here!

HOPE Lab Photos

HOPE Lab Bonfire, Fall 2022

HOPE Lab Baby Shower! (April, 2022) (from left to right): Yena Kim, David Munguia Gomez, Nicholas Herzog, Solomon Lister, Kathryn Schertz, Elizabeth Huppert, Alex Jania, Kim Meidenbauer, & Emma Levine

Before 2022, we were known as the HoME (Honesty, Morality, and Ethics) lab. See HoME Lab pictures below.

Virtual HoME Lab 2020-21 (from left to right, top to bottom): Sarah Jensen, Solomon Lister, Emma Levine, Hajin Kim, Annabelle Roberts, Andrew Bromley, Stacia Kim, Samantha Kassirer, David Munguia Gomez, Yena Kim, Alexander Moore, & Elizabeth Huppert

HoME Lab 2018-2019 (from left to right): Nick Herzog, Yuji Winet, Emma Levine (featuring Max), Annabelle Roberts, Kristina Wald, Michael White, Sarah Jensen, & David Munguia Gomez

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